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 1490 Sokak No:2 E-F Ege Ticaret Merkezi Yenişehir İzmir

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Since 1982, it has eliminated the problems of pumps and spare parts in areas where water and fluid technologies are used, such as residences, industrial facilities, service buildings and facilities, agriculture, irrigation, swimming pools, treatment plants and specific processes, with its wide product range. 

It is a supplier entrepreneur that has been producing spare parts for local and foreign pump manufacturers since the 2000s. It is in a leading position among the suppliers of pump electric motor, submersible pump electric motor and pump spare parts, sealing elements (mechanical seal), expansion tank membranes (EPDM Rubber). 

It keeps the spare parts that it imports and manufactures in sufficient quantities in its stocks for the urgent demands of the manufacturers and pump and motor dealers.



To be a company that provides reliable and quality service and to contribute to the development of the sector.


To continue to serve with innovative and comprehensive services, sales staff who know the importance of sustainability and business discipline.


It is a company working with experienced technical personnel and a wide quality team.


Our Productions,


1- Complete stainless, vertical shaft inline pumps. (DUPUMPS)  www.duyarpump.com

2.Swimming pool pumps(DUPUMPS) www.duyarpump.com

3-Additional speed flanged circulation pumps  (DUPUMPS)  www.duyarpump.com

4- Industrial type submersible wastewater pumps. 15-55 KW . (DUPUMPS) www.duyarpump.com

5- 5”-6”-8” and 10” complete stainless single submersible pumps.(DUPUMPS)  www.duyarpump.com

6- Panels for booster and submersible pumps.(DUYAR) www.duyarpump.com

7- Spiral hoses. ( SADU) www.duyarpump.com

8- Package booster collector, panel holder and stands(SADU) www.duyarpump.com

9- Collective check valves for wastewater pumps.(DUYAR) www.duyarpump.com

10- Fan, diffuser and stages for vertical, horizontal hydrophore pumps and submersible pumps (SADU)  www.duyarmotor.com

11- Mechanical seal kits (SADU) www.duyarmotor.com             www.sadusizdirmazlik.com

12- Circulation pump rotor liners and fans (SADU) www.duyarmotor.com

13- Submersible pump motor axial bearing segments (SADU) www.duyarmotor.com

14- Pressure switch and liquid level floaters (SADU) www.duyarmotor.com

15- Electric motor spare parts (SADU) www.duyarmotor.com


Our Imports,


1. Electropump and Drainage Pumps ( CITY ) www.duyarpump.com

2. Complete stainless AEG motor inline pumps.(E-TECH) www.duyarpump.com

3.Circulation Pumps ( IMP ) www.duyarpump.com

4. Electropump and Drainage Pumps (VORTEX) www.duyarpump.com

5. 4” submersible pumps and motors. (DUPUMPS) www.duyarpump.com

6. 4” submersible pump motor. (SUMOTO) www.duyarpump.com

7.Expansion tank membranes (Se.Fa) www.duyarpump.com

8.Pressure Switches, pressure controls.  (ITALTECNICA ) www.duyarpump.com

9.Mechanical seal kits.(MECCANOTECNICA UMBRA) www.duyarmotor.com

10.Waste water pump cables.(NBR) www.duyarmotor.com

11.Submersible pump motor spare parts (SUMOTO-COVERCO) www.duyarmotor.com

12.Antimony, Resin carbon radial bushing and axial bearings (EBN) www.duyarmotor.com


It is the leader among suppliers of pump electric motor, submersible pump electric motor and pump spare parts, sealing elements (mechanical seal), expansion tank membranes (EPDM Rubber).


 1490 Sokak No:2 E-F Ege Ticaret Merkezi 

 +90 232 449 16 46 - +90 232 449 19 72





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