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Our products are under warranty against "MANUFACTURING DEFECT" for 2 years.







• Improper installation,

• Malfunctions caused by incorrect and incomplete installations,

• Damages and malfunctions caused by shaking, transportation, physical impacts, environmental conditions, chemical factors,

• Malfunctions due to faulty and wrong pump selection,

• Damages that will occur due to not using the panel when it is necessary to use it and not choosing the appropriate panel,

• Failures that may occur due to not paying attention to the immersion depth, working conditions and conditions,

• Damages and malfunctions caused by the decrease or increase of the mains voltage, which should be 220 V and 380 V, above + 5%, phase interruption and voltage imbalances between the phases,

• Damages and malfunctions caused by dry running in pumps,

• Damages and malfunctions in pumps, panels and hydrophores placed in excessively humid, poorly maintained, poorly ventilated environments,

• Malfunctions and complaints that may occur due to the narrowing of the suction line in centrifugal pumps and hydrophores or not performing them correctly and duly,

• Pumps that are not operated at the appropriate water temperature,

• Damages and malfunctions that may occur in the pump body or its spacer due to extreme cold or frost,

• Engine burns.




• It is more appropriate to detect the condition of the defective product by the seller and to correct the easy faults by you.

• You can have the products that will not be covered by the warranty, at your own technical service or any service.

Spare parts will be provided by us for a fee.

• The seller company cannot replace the defective product with a new one. It should be checked by its own service or an authorized technical service. If there is no service in the area, you will be informed about the defective product, provided that it is sent to our central service.

• Defective products that come to our central service are evaluated by our technical service, and the products covered by the warranty are repaired free of charge, and the ones out of warranty are repaired, provided that the fee is paid in advance after your approval.

• If there is impurity blocking the fan in the suction part of submersible pumps, it is recommended that you remove the fan locking, floater failure, cracks due to frost, broken parts caused by use, wear on the fan and bearing over time, fan and diffuser replacement. Otherwise, it will cause loss of time and cost of shipping on both sides.

• In case of engine burns, it would be more appropriate to wind in a winder in your region.

• Fault detection for products not covered by the warranty is done by our technical service and authorized service. After the approval of the repair cost, it is made and shipped quickly.





For industrial uses, the end consumer must be informed. When selling WQ, KBS and KS series pumps, mechanical seal, fan and lower volute, which are wear parts, should be recommended as spare parts together with the new pump. The panels of these pumps should also be of high quality and fully protected.

• In cases where all pumps need long-term operation, selection should be made at the efficient points. Otherwise, the pumps will burn out after a short time. Since it does not comply with the terms of use, it is out of warranty. Fertile regions are highlighted in bold in our price list.

• When selling caisson well pumps, attention should be paid to the immersion depths of MXS, SPA, Q10004P and QDX series pumps. In cases where it is operated at greater depths specified in the list, it takes water from the mechanical seal or o-rings.

• Friction fan pumps (PM45, PM50, IDB40, IDB70) may jam during restart, after long periods of interruption. In this case, the back bowl should be removed and the impeller part should be moved first and the jam should be removed.

• Plastic and stainless body submersible drainage pumps, if not operated under appropriate conditions, cause excessive current draw and deformation in the body and gasket over time. After a while, it takes water from the gasket or shaft seal and burns. (In brine, salt water, chemical fluids, sulphurous waters, waters with a pH value other than 6 - 8.5)
4SKM series friction fan pumps wear out after a certain period of operation. Therefore, it should not be recommended for deep wells and places with high hm. Instead, it would be appropriate to advise customers to use packaged submersible pumps.

• In extreme cold weather, the end user should be warned to loosen the plug or nut on the body and to drain the water in order to crack the pump body and spacer due to frost for Centrifugal pumps.

• Generally, the performance values ​​of the pumps are measured at sea level and ambient temperature +30 C. The increase in these level and temperature measures affects the performance negatively. The pump should be selected in line with this information. Tolerant selection should be made in regions where the altitude is high and the temperature is high.


It is the leader among suppliers of pump electric motor, submersible pump electric motor and pump spare parts, sealing elements (mechanical seal), expansion tank membranes (EPDM Rubber).


 1490 Sokak No:2 E-F Ege Ticaret Merkezi 

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